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Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most effective methods of online promotion. It is based on useful and interesting content, which through appropriately selected channels we present to our recipients. Effective content marketing involves attracting the reader’s attention and building relationships, e.g. by providing useful information. It is an alternative to one-sided advertising message, which most users ignore, being accustomed to typical online advertisements.

An effective content marketing campaign provides:

  • more traffic to your site,
  • generating leads (inquiries or sales)
  • increase brand awareness


Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

A well executed content marketing strategy is a fundamental tool in Inbound Marketing. This term refers to all techniques aimed at making the right customer find us on their own instead of being bombarded with advertisements that may be unattractive to them and only discourage them. In other words, it is better to be easily found by the target group – the probability of gaining a customer is much higher if the contact is initiated by the customer. Such a strategy is implemented using social media, blogs and thematic portals.

Our Content Marketing offers:

  • Influencer marketing – in every industry there are experts who enjoy the authority of their recipients. We will select Influencers for you and cooperate with them on your behalf. The presence of products in Youtube videos, blogger reviews or discreet recommendations by people whose opinions influence consumer decisions – this direction of promotion is replacing traditional advertising, so it is worth thinking about Influence marketing today.
  • Link Building – we obtain valuable links to your websites. Thanks to this action website will be placed on higher positions in natural results given by Google. Acquiring links on external websites is based on good content, for which we are responsible. These publications are placed on attractive Internet portals, performing not only marketing functions, but also image functions. You can read about how we comprehensively support our Clients in this area in the context of SEO PR services provided by Good One PR agency, which is a part of the Good One group, just like us.
  • SEO Copywriting – do you need content that will perform the tasks of content marketing? Our agency prepares such materials: thematic articles, blog posts, guides, newsletters, social media content. We take into account the image needs of the Client, SEO assumptions (links, keywords, headlines, graphics) and we monitor the results, e.g. in the form of traffic generated by the content.
  • Company blog – keeping a thematic blog is first of all an effective instrument of creating an image in the Internet. In many cases it is also the basis for achieving marketing goals, such as e.g. gaining high positions in Google (especially when the company website has content limitations). An example of such an activity may be the use of a company blog for SEO in the so-called long tail, which allows for a systematic increase in the number of visits to your site.


It is worth investing in good content

We will advise you how to use content marketing for your purposes. Earn money on content, obtain valuable links and, above all, new clients thanks to actions we take for you.

Contact us to learn how good content can help you grow your business. Sponsored articles, content marketing platforms, blogging – the possibilities are endless, and with us, you’ll use their full potential.