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Local SEO and Google Maps

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Local SEO

when customers from your city are most important

Local SEO - ideal for service businesses

Local SEO is a specific type of positioning service dedicated to companies for which visibility in the local market is crucial. Positioning for local companies is closely related to Google Maps, so special attention is paid here to the company’s profile in Google Maps.

Local SEO is ideal for a business such as:

  • hairdressing salons and beauty salons
  • car service and vehicle inspection stations
  • doctors, medical and specialist clinics (e.g. rehabilitation clinics)
  • laptop and smartphone repair shops
  • law firms
  • plumbers, construction companies
  • locksmiths
  • and every other company with a stationary seat

Pozycjonowanie dla lokalnych firm - opinie, zalety, cena

SEO activities are aimed at achieving the highest possible visibility of a website for relevant search queries. One of the most important elements of Google’s algorithm is geo-location, which in practice means that the search engine takes into account the user’s location and adjusts the results to it. This mechanism is a great opportunity for local companies, which can become very easily accessible to customers located in the same city, district or even near the same street.

What do we put special emphasis on in local SEO?

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  • Setting up a company profile in Google Maps
  • You already have a profile in Maps, but you have no control over it? No problem, we know how to regain access to your business card
  • We add and optimise content on your profile so that it promotes better exposure of your company
  • We plan and upload updates displayed on your profile
    we moderate and react to the opinions which appear on the business card
  • We obtain links from regional and industry websites, obtaining better results for your website

A business card on Google Maps is an important and useful part of any company’s image. What’s more, a company profile on Google is closely related to the positioning of a website in local search results. In other words, if you run a business where the local market is particularly important – positioning on Google Maps is a very beneficial solution.

How do I add my business to Google Maps?

Creating a company profile in Google Maps requires verification, i.e. a physical letter with a PIN code is sent to the indicated address, which must be entered in the Google Places for Business panel in order to activate the business card. SEO in Google Maps correlates with interest around the created profile – customer reviews, description and attractiveness of the whole tab. A company’s Google business card should also be placed on the website so that it clearly indicates to which location the business is assigned. Our agency is responsible not only for creating such a profile but also for ensuring that the Google Maps business card is correctly optimised and placed on the client’s website.

Google Street View & Business View Google

One of the attractive options available on Google Maps is Google Street View, i.e. a virtual walk around the company’s headquarters. This service can be provided by a photographer with a special Google certificate. By commissioning a virtual walk through of your company to our agency, you can be sure that you will present yourself in an effective way, you will stand out from the competition and you will inspire greater confidence in potential clients, who will be able to learn more about your business without leaving their homes.

How much does a virtual walk in Google Street View technology cost? Contact us – providing your website address and company location is enough for us to prepare a free estimate for creating a Google business card with its verification, and optionally we can also offer a presentation created by our recommended Google photographer. For those interested in a virtual walk-through, there is also a possibility to obtain a faster profile verification in Google Maps – activation then takes place within 72 hours!