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Trainings SEO / SEM / Google Ads

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Szkolenia z pozycjonowania stron i kampanii Google Ads w Warszawie

Our agency provides a range of services in the field of Internet marketing. We specialize in the areas of SEO  and Google Ads campaigns. Trainings take place at our headquarters: 38 Edwarda Jelinka Street, 01-646 Warsaw or at the client’s place.

We are happy to share our knowledge and invite you to contact us if you are interested in training on the following topics:

SEO training

Ideal for businesses or individuals, you will learn from it how to grow your business on your own by building better visibility in Google search results. In this 1-day SEO training course you will learn:

  • How to optimize your website (after the training, audit your own website)
  • White Hat SEO rules or what Google takes into account when ranking websites
  • Keyword research: which phrases to position yourself for and how to analyze it?
  • What is Link Building and how to implement it for better website positioning
  • How to SEO a website in a safe way and not to get filtered or banned?
  • Monitoring SEO results and which tools to use
  • Mini-training on Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Ads / AdWords Trainings

A well-organized Google Ads campaign is the fastest way to effectively promote a business. Nowadays it is the basis for both small start-ups and large corporations. During the training on creating Google Ads campaigns you will learn a lot of useful things, such as:

  • How to create a campaign in every channel offered by Google that is:
  1. Search networks (text ads)
  2. Ad network (display ads) and remarketing (tracking ads)
  3. Google Shopping – including Merchant Center setup and dynamic remarketing
  4. Youtube (image and video ads)
  5. Google Sponsored Promotions – ads visible in recipients’ Gmail
  • How to create effective text and graphic ads
  • How to create and manage audience lists (including setting up remarketing)
  • How to integrate Google Ads campaign with Analytics to monitor conversions
  • What techniques increase sales and ROI in Google Shopping
  • How to skillfully choose the keywords used in a search network campaign

And many other issues that will become clear and accessible after a day spent with us. Importantly, part of the training also includes an evaluation period where you can consult with us in confidence, ask us to review the actions taken after the training and address any concerns you may have.

At the end of SEO training and Google Ads training, the Participant receives:

  • Certificate of training completion
  • Presentation with information summarizing the training
  • Agency gifts

We guarantee that the time spent with us will be fruitful. We invite you to contact us and present your needs. Each training has an individual character and scope tailored to what the customer needs. We invite you!