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Google Ads campaigns

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Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns are the best solution for those who want to quickly promote a service, product or promotional action. A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is also an ideal tool to effectively compete with competing brands in the online sphere. The extent to which an online advertising campaign translates into visits and inquiries from your potential customers depends on good strategy, communication and experience of the agency responsible for AdWords campaigns.

What is Google Ads campaign?

Google Ads is an extremely powerful advertising system, thanks to which you can quickly and effectively present your offer to a precisely defined group of recipients. The agency’s role is to design and comprehensively manage the campaign. This consists primarily in constant monitoring and optimization aimed at the most effective use of the budget planned for promotion. Proper selection of phrases, preparation of advertisements, and also matching the message to a specific target group are all elements of a well-planned campaign.

What do customers gain from our support?

kampanie google ads warszawa

Advice on the selection of phrases and advertising channels

kampania adwords

Professional Google Ads campaigns

kampanie adwords białystok

Higher return on investment (ROI)

prowadzenie kampanii adwords

Constant contact and good communication with SEM specialist

kampanie adwords białystok

Better results than running Google Ads campaigns on your own

wyniki kampanii google ads

Brand promotion through high visibility and ad reach

How can you advertise with

an online campaign?

Text Ads / Sponsored links

Sponsored links are the primary form of advertising in the Google Ads system. These ads appear just below the search box when the user types in a given search term. Currently, Google exposes 4 ad positions in this space. It is worth emphasizing that ads are displayed above the so-called natural results.

When creating a campaign for a client in this channel we take care of:

  • the most advantageous advertising position for the client
  • optimal ratio of clicks to displays
  • attractiveness of the advertisement (contact phone number, encouraging slogan, additional tabs)
  • we track the number of conversions from this channel, aiming for the lowest possible cost per inquiry or sale

Advertising network - graphic ads in Google Display Network

Do you want to promote your brand and reach the largest possible audience? Effective advertising on the advertising network is the perfect solution for you. Graphic ads emitted within Google Ads take the form of banner ads displayed on external websites.

The agency’s job with this type of promotion is:

  • developing an appropriate strategy so that our graphics are displayed to the client’s target group
  • media research – and selecting the best industry portals on which advertising will bring effect and will be adequate to the brand image
  • Landing Page optimization in order to obtain the best possible campaign results


Tracking advertising is a very good option, for example, if your customers are not spontaneous and need time to decide to order a service or product. Remarketing allows you to keep in touch with users who have already visited your site. Moreover, it allows you to be featured on major portals, creating a positive image effect for your brand.

Google Shopping - Product Campaign

Advertising campaign dedicated for online stores, thanks to which you can display product photos with their prices next to search results. An absolute must for anyone running an online store.

When entrusting us with a campaign in this channel, remember that:

  • we do it comprehensively and are responsible for creating the so-called product feed and creating an account in Google Merchant Center (necessary to run product ads)
  • we determine the optimal strategy to achieve the set sales goals
  • we launch dynamic remarketing – a variation of remarketing, thanks to which customers are displayed the products they have viewed in a given online store

Youtube advertising campaign

Video advertising on Youtube is billed only for valuable (full or more than 30-second) views of the video or advertising spot.

Google Sponsored Promotions

Emission of commercials in e-mail boxes belonging to the Gmail platform, e.g. contextually, i.e. based on the content taken up in e-mails by a user of a given e-mail account.

The detailed choice of ad types and channels depends on the individual situation and company objectives. Contact us for a free estimate of the costs and results that we can guarantee as part of your campaign.

We also encourage you to visit our office located in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district. Warsaw is just one of many areas of our activity – our representatives are also available in cities such as: BiałystokOlsztynGdańsk, whereby we serve clients from practically the whole country. However, we also carry out international campaigns.

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