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E-commerce SEO

systematically increase the number of customer visits

Pozycjonowanie sklepów internetowych w kompleksowy sposób

E-commerce SEO is fundamental in building a profitable online business. The key to success here is the diversification of sales sources and, in addition to paid Google Ads campaigns, social media promotion and direct marketing, good visibility in search results is essential. However, the very launch of an online store is just the beginning of the road to obtaining good positions for keywords related to the products sold.

How is store positioning different from standard SEO efforts?

  • Of particular importance is the systematic creation of unique content in the form of a blog, product descriptions or product category descriptions
  • Well thought-out strategy in the selection of key phrases determines the speed of achieved results, e.g. emphasis on the so-called long tail and product phrases
  • The scale of operations is larger – usually you work on a much larger number of passwords than in the case of a typical corporate website
  • Optimization of graphics for SEO and product image quality
  • Youtube channel – in many industries it is a great channel for sales and traffic acquisition, an area indicated for SEO optimization
  • RWD and speed of the store – online sales from mobile devices may account for over 80% of traffic to your store, so it is necessary to take care of this aspect of the service

Pozycjonowanie sklepu online – koszt, opinie, pomysły

How to SEO an online store? Effective SEO today requires close cooperation between the agency and the client. In our work we comprehensively analyse the situation of a given project and improve it so that the store is ranked best by Google’s algorithm. In addition to systematic optimization and development of content in the online store, we also build its ranking position by acquiring valuable and relevant links to individual products in the store, categories, blog and the homepage of the page in question.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Remember that we will be happy to assess the situation of your store, suggest which direction to go with your ideas and which keywords to try to appear as high as possible. Initial consultation does not cost anything, and you can gain a portion of very useful knowledge!