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It's the details that make the difference

SEO audit of a website is necessary to properly assess the attractiveness of a website in terms of search engines. A professional SEO analysis will reveal errors made at the website design stage and areas where there is potential to quickly increase the website position in Google results.

Specializing in SEO and SEM, we prepare reports that can be useful in the following situations:

  • if you want to verify the competence of a currently employed interactive or SEO agency,
  • You need a diagnosis to what extent the website is prepared for positioning in search engines,
  • You plan to start positioning your website, these actions should be preceded by a detailed SEO audit.

SEO and content optimization of websites should always be coordinated with changes in the structure, content and code of the site. Lack of such activities is a signal that the positioning company’s actions should be closely watched. SEO optimization and audit is an attractively priced service thanks to which the ranking position of a website may significantly improve even without long-term positioning.

    Choose your monthly budget for the project:

    Analiza SEO – czym charakteryzuje się nasz audyt SEO?

    • By commissioning us SEO, you receive an audit in the price of the project
    • SEO audit of a website has a form of a document containing precise technical recommendations (setting redirects, ALT attributes, RWD of a website, changing the content) and conceptual recommendations (e.g. reorganization of subpages, blog, etc.).
    • The audit may be implemented by the Customer’s IT department or by our specialists (to the extent acceptable to the customer)
    • SEO analysis performed by our agency is preceded by the analysis of a website’s visibility in search engines and selection of optimal keywords for the website
    • We also offer a comparative analysis of visibility and actions in Google against competitors

    The option described above refers to a comprehensive SEO audit. We also perform superficial SEO audits, which are free and give you a general idea whether your website is well prepared for search engines. The only thing you need to do to get this basic knowledge about the situation of your website is to enter its address here – free SEO audit.

    Feel free to contact us for a website SEO diagnosis.